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About Us

IGT Motors, for more than 20 years, has offered efficient and sustainable solutions through the commercialization of products for the vehicular CNG and LPG conversion segment worldwide with more than 4 million equipments sold and present in the largest markets in Latin America.

We are the leading company in the Brazilian market and with some national awards that determine and dictate the quality and professionalism we wield from the first contact to the after-sales in all our operations.

Our goal is to project the IGT Motors brand to an even higher level and, therefore, we seek to strengthen our presence in all other continents. We, from IGT Motors, always believe that everyone has the right to acquire a product with warranty, quality, last generation technology and with cost-benefit compatible with the global market.

We work to provide our partners great business opportunities.

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Our awards reflect the quality of our products, and the professionalism and excellence we practice from first contact to after-sales in all our operations.






Best Switch, Best 5th Generation CNG Kit;

Best 5th Generation CNG Kit, Best High Pressure Tube;

Best 5th Generation CNG Kit, Best High Pressure Pipe, Best CNG Valve;

Best 5th Generation CNG Kit, Best Pressure Reducer, Best High Pressure Tube;

Best 5th Generation CNG Kit, Best CNG Valve, Best High Pressure Tube;


Melhor Kit GNV de 5ª Geração


To develop and commercialize products with quality and profitability - within ethics and legality - providing satisfaction to all involved in the consumption of our brand.


To be a world reference company in equipment for CNG and LPG with ethics and social-environmental responsibility, always seeking improvements in the internal process and in the quality of our products.


To promote sustainability through the commercialization of our products, contributing directly to the reduction of pollutant gas emissions.


Group Companies

  • Quickstop IGT: Founded in 2020, Quickstop IGT is the largest distributor of CNG equipment in Latin America. Following a strategy of rapid expansion, it currently has branches operating in 6 states in Brazil


  • IGT Digital: Built inside IGT Motors, IGT Digital is the first marketing agency specialized in the CNG segment in Brazil. Its representatives are responsible for the development of several successful projects throughout Brazil.


  • Rota GNV: Rota GNV was incorporated into the group in 2022, becoming IGT Motors exclusive converter and an important technological development center for the company.

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Partner Company

  • KAMBRI: Cylinder Manufacturing Partner Company. Kambri is a cylinder manufacturer partner of IGT Motors. Exclusive partner of IGT Motors, it makes available to the market the type 1 and 2 cylinders - this one a worldwide success, now in Brazil.


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